LMN Consulting, LLC - Procurement and Sourcing Strategy
Services for Sales Leaders:
The expertise of LMN Consulting can be a great asset to Sales professionals looking to gain an edge against the competition.  Just as it is critical for procurement leaders to understand the training and techniques that sales executives master, sales teams need to be equally versed in the processes and analytics that procurement leaders use to achieve their strategic goals. 
LMN has developed a trademarked and proprietary educational workshop that skillfully addresses this value proposition - it is entitled Procurement 101 for Sales Leaders ®. This program provides a "peek behind the curtain" of how procurement leaders think, operate and make decisions.  LMN has also created a follow-on program entitled A Deeper Dive into Procurement Priorities, Processes and Decisions (TM)for those that have completed the original workshop series.
Please contact Lisa Smith directly at #312-350-2408, or lisa.smith@lmnconsultingllc.com for a detailed outline of this program, which also includes the highly effective Value Matrix (TM) that can be uniquely tailored to meet the needs of your organization.
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