LMN Consulting, LLC - Procurement and Sourcing Strategy
Strategic Sourcing Training:
LMN Consulting offers a comprehensive Strategic Sourcing
Training Workshop taught by a senior executive in the procurement/supply management field.  The high level agenda below is targeted as a 12 hour session, but can be modified to meet the needs of your organization. 
There are many sourcing training programs on the market - ours includes a number of real world examples based on successes and "watch outs" in this area to help mitigate the overall learning curve and risk potential.  LMN also offers a subsequent program that focuses specifically on Souring Team Leadershipfor those that have successfully mastered the basic strategic sourcing competencies and will be tasked with leading sourcing teams.  The high level content of the initial sourcing training program is noted below:
Key Highlights - Strategic Sourcing Training Workshop
  1. The Procurement/Supply Management Value Proposition
  2. Profiling the Category
  3. Selection of Sourcing Strategy
  4. Conducting the Sourcing Process
  5. Negotiation and Supplier Selection
  6. Implementation of Solution
  7. Ongoing Supplier Relationship Management
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