LMN Consulting, LLC - Procurement and Sourcing Strategy
"I worked with Lisa when our two companies came together under one umbrella to find ways to combine our buying power for the purchase of everything from scrap to trucking.  She was instrumental in getting us all together to find ways to accomplish margin improvements and work with suppliers.  Very knowledgeable and easy to work with".  Transportation and Distribution Manager, Great Lakes Packaging. 
"LMN Consulting provided incredible guidance and professional input into OSF's development and deployment of our strategic sourcing process.  As our primary consultant, Lisa Smith was instrumental in moving our organization forward from a traditional health care purchasing organization to introducing a new strategic sourcing methodology to all that we do.  From the training, to process development, and intranet portal development, Lisa was the consummate professional.  Her unpretentious yet resolute approach quickly made her a respected part of our sourcing team, allowing cooperation from the staff. I truly believe that we had better results in less time by using LMN Consulting versus any of the other firms that we considered". Dan Noeth, Director of Sourcing - OSF Healthcare System
"Lisa Smith and LMN Consulting, LLC helped us to successfully design the overall framework and program for our comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management and Supplier Integration initiative.  Her extensive knowledge of the subject and ability to work seamlessly with our team led to an overall culture transformation with sustainable results".  Fortune 100 Food and Beverage Corporation Director.
"This is a program that most schools should teach.....Lisa did a great job in explaining from the Buyer's point of view - particularly the experiences that she has had in her career - both good and bad....overall this is among the best sales advice that we have had....it isn't often that we get sales training that emphasizes the procurement side". (Feedback on Procurement 101 for Sales Leaders®) Midland Packaging & Display
"I have worked with Lisa for 20 years and she is one of the top Procurement Professionals in the Retail Consumer Products and Packaging industries.  She utilizes her detailed knowledge of product and packaging to collaborate with and motivate team members both internally and externally.  The result of this effort is the best value proposition becoming commercialized to achieve marketing, sales and manufacturing goals.  Her integrity, creativity, positive attitude, and strong work ethic are positive influences on the projects and people that she leads". Stiles Meredith, Sales Director - Caraustar Packaging
"This is great stuff - I learned a lot and the case study was great...it is good to get a refresher on what Buyers are thinking and how they view their business and suppliers...it is good to be reminded of the bigger picture" (Feedback on Procurement 101 for Sales Leaders (TM) Series - Fortune 500 Global Packaging Organization)
"I've known Lisa for about 20 years - the first ten years while we both worked for Sara Lee and the second ten years we've stayed in contact through my consultancy and academic work.  Lisa is exceptional because she combines both technical supply management competence (especially in packaging) with solid general business acumen.  Accordingly, she not only sees the big picture but understands and manages the details.  Most people can do one or the other; it's rare to do both.  Here is a list of her strengths:
*Inspirational - she attracts people (managers, suppliers, and customers) by inspiring confidence, excitement and a sense of purpose
*Integrity - critical for enduring success
*Passion - obsessed with meeting targets, realizing the vision and delivering results
*Resourceful - able to operate in a company environment with limited resources
*Superior work ethic
*Instills a sense of urgency and direction
*Performance driven and able to hold teams accountable
*Effective communicator - both written and verbal
*Solid and unblemished reputation" Joe Sandor, Professor of Supply Chain Management - Michigan State University
"I have worked with Lisa for over 4 years, and have always enjoyed her professional style and positive approach to managing relationships with strategic partners.  She works under the guiding principles of fairness and integrity, and a determination to build collaboration.  She is results oriented and a pleasure to work with.  As a specific example of Lisa's outstanding profile, I would like to mention a global supplier summit that she organized and chaired where she impressively showed her conceptual thinking, her coordination and leadership skills within a group of international executives". Dr. Walter Niederstaetter, President and CEO - Kalle GmbH
"Lisa's knowledge of the food service industry coupled with her general business and financial acumen have been an asset to our organization.  She has played a valuable role in creating strategy and promotional communication for our sales and marketing group, and has taken the lead in organizing and streamlining cost and pricing data to be used for key decision making.  Her creativity and professionalism allow her to provide value across functional boundaries." Devin Smith, President Diamond Vending, Inc.
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